Better Things Food Delivery Campaign


Inviting the world to take a bite out of busy—backed by busy moms

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Did you know  56% of moms feel misunderstood? Food delivery app Waitr / Bite Squad (recently rebranded to ASAP) launched by way of unique middle markets, often overlooked by big brands but large enough to support the growth of their brand. When this strategy began to converge with the likes of Uber Eats and DoorDash, we were tasked with finding ways to help Waitr / Bite Squad continue to stand out in markets across the country.

Research by Waitr and Bite Squad showed the primary audience for food delivery in their target markets was busy mothers. And we ran with this finding…


You’ve got better things you’d better do.

Using an honest and humorous look into the real lives of today's mothers, we tapped  into the real reasons why parents order delivery—to keep balance in their chaotic lives.

Parenthood is stressful. But dinner doesn’t have to be. From screaming toddlers to parents’ first date night after baby to catastrophic DIY projects, Waitr’s got you covered.

One campaign, two unique brands

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"Delivery is a gift for those dealing with the chaos of real life. The hectic moments that come from being a tired parent, a new homeowner, or just trying to be “professional” while you’re working from home are what makes Waitr such a valuable part of our customers' lives."

Craig Key – Previous Vice President of Marketing, Waitr

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