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Morning alarm goes off. You reach for your phone to turn it off, but can’t keep your eyes from skimming the new notifications. 

Only five minutes into the day, and the auction for your attention is in full force. 

Somewhere along the way, technology became the expressway for noisy, act-fast, disposable content. Our world got distracted, and interruption became the norm. 

At ThreeSixtyEight, we believe in using the internet for good. To create meaningful interactions that win affection rather than steal attention. We see a future where the same technology that isolates and distracts instead uplifts and connects. 

It’s a vision that some might call absurd. We call it uncommon.

Building a different kind of agency

Investing locally through our conference series, Assembly Required

Striving to raise the bar through B-Corp Certification

Changing the deep work game by committing to flow state

Celebrating our people by creating AdAge's Best Place to Work

Leading Generation No-Code through our partnership with Webflow

Prioritizing DEIB so everyone has the support to create their best work

Growing companies shaping the future of learning

We build brands and digital products that help our clients transform how people gain skills, seek education, hire and work.

Working daily to deliver category-bending experiences

our vision


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Meet the people behind the screens

Cheryl Manley

Experience Strategist

Raychelle Riley

Communications Strategist

Liz McCulla


Taylor Fairbanks

Account Manager

Alia Blair

Project Manager

Heather Gantz


Khoi Nguyen

Growth & Operations Coordinator

Maria Do

Senior Project Manager

Natalia Weil

Senior Account Manager

Hailey Johnson

Senior Experience Strategist

Stuart Haddad

Software Engineer

Brittany Alford

Senior Brand Designer

Kaitlyn Hieb

Associate Director of Strategy

Timothy Ricks

Senior Web Engineer / Designer

Kelsey LeBlanc

Senior Account Manager

Corey Schneider

Art Director

Phil Roberts

Executive Producer / Director

Brian Tawlks

Managing Creative Director

Tara Lirette

VP of Strategy

Kara Pitre

Director of Operations

Justin Hutchinson

Director of Business Development

Adrian Owen Jones

Chief Growth Officer

Nick Defelice

Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder

Jeremy Beyt

Chief Creative Officer / Co-founder

Kenny Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

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our vision

Make Baton Rouge the creative capital of the South.

“I see creatives reinvesting in their community, creating desirable jobs, and collectively raising Baton Rouge’s quality of place... I imagine a city that embraces diverse ideas, doctrines, and opinions in the pursuit of a better future.”

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We pledge to raise $150,000 in donations for Baton Rouge nonprofits by 2025