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For a national campaign with Opportunity@Work, Ogilvy, and the Ad Council, we designed and built an award-winning website that sheds light on the job and wage disparities for high-skilled workers who don’t have college degrees.


Opportunity@Work and the Ad Council launched a new campaign to address the disconnect between the labor shortage in the United States and the millions of highly skilled workers who are often shorted simply because they lack college degrees. Coined “Tear The Paper Ceiling,” the campaign drives awareness to this disparity in the workforce and inspires employers to reconsider whether certain job listings really require a bachelor’s degree. 

To bring this campaign to life, Opportunity@Work needed a digital hub to do the cause justice, educate the public, tell STARs’ (individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes) stories, and inspire others to join the movement.


Launch a digital experience for Opportunity@Work’s Tear The Paper Ceiling campaign that is so interactive and compelling, users take action and become allies. 

While this website would house information pertaining to STARs, gaps in the labor market, and The Paper Ceiling itself, it also needed to serve as a catalyst for real change in the workforce. 

We worked closely with Opportunity@Work to implement interactive experiences across the entire site from a signable pledge to tear the paper ceiling, downloadable, customizable social media graphics, animated statistics, and prompts for STARs and allies to record and share videos of their own encounters with the paper ceiling.

The Results

An award-winning campaign website that not only sheds light on the flawed and oftentimes discriminatory labor market in the U.S., but gives people real opportunities to get involved. 

Since launching in the fall of 2022, the Tear The Paper Ceiling site has been referenced by national news outlets, prompted vast social media interaction, and elicited thousands of pledge signatures through Opportunity@Work’s campaign efforts. 

Website visits


850,000 visits to tearthepaperceiling.org and counting


128 Million

Over 128M impressions, 11.9M on LinkedIn and 65M on Reddit

Signed Pledges


Over 10,000 website pledges

Addy Awards


Winner of National Addy Award


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