The 10 Days Fundraising Campaign

Living Water International

Generating awareness and funds to provide clean water for communities in Ruhango, Rwanda

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According to, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water globally.

In response to one of our world's top 5 crises, Living Water International facilitates an annual fundraising campaign called the 10 Days. The 10 Days is a platform that encourages participants from across the United States to give up every beverage but water for 10 days and donate what they save to provide clean water for communities in Ruhango, Rwanda.

How could we engage young American donors to act on a reality so different from their own? Ultimately, we had to solve technically for a very emotional issue, making this challenge exciting and unique.


Build an interactive web platform, equipping every person to become a steward of change—seeing their direct impact on real people in Rwanda.

The 10 Days campaign found success activating collegiate communities with an emotional story and simple action. "Hello Neighbor" stories and a drink calculator tool help pull prospects into the campaign, and the collegiate team profiles, seamless donation flow, and leaderboard features make it easy to exceed fundraising goals.

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Catalyzing real change

The 10 Days campaign has been a year-over-year success. In 2016 alone, the platform raised over $125,000, and garnered National Addy recognition along with Best In Show – Interactive. The platform lived for many years as a powerful catalyst for real change in communities across the world, and our team is honored to have participated in that success.



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